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Other Animals

Not Just For Horses…

Although Freshbale is the ideal bedding for horses, many more animals can also enjoy and benefit from its unique qualities. Being 100% natural, free from chemicals, spores & mites and fully dust extracted, Freshbale is a versatile bedding which all animals can benefit from.

Below are some examples:


Owners of working dogs, kennelled dogs or litters of puppies will find Freshbale comfortable, clean and perfect for their dogs’ needs. Whereas blankets can be damaged & require washing and sawdust is dusty and messy, Freshbale cardboard squares will stay where they are supposed to. They are tough & durable and make a warm, comfortable, clean, dust free bed that is cheap and easy to replace when needed.


One of the biggest problems experienced by people who rear birds is bird sinusitis; an illness that can be brought about by the use of dusty products such as sawdust and shavings. Birds have an incredibly complex network of sinus canals which can easily become infected causing a lot of suffering to the animal and in many cases lead to its death. With the dust-free quality of Freshbale, the associated distress and loss of birds can be avoided. 

As well as keeping your flock healthy, Freshbale will also keep your birds warm and comfortable.

Small Animals

Freshbale is also a great choice for smaller animals. Chinchillas, rats, hamsters, mice and many other small animals can enjoy the same benefits that larger animals do. Water is quickly transferred to the bottom of the cage, away from the living area of your pet ensuring the cage remains a healthy environment until cleaning. Cardboard bedding also creates a fantastic living space for your pet to explore and is also perfect for chewing and building its bed with. Just as it does with horses, the corrugated cardboard creates pockets of warm air ensuring that your pet is nice and warm even in the coldest weather. Being free from dust and chemicals that can be found in other types of bedding also greatly improves the quality of any small animal’s life and is just another reason to choose Freshbale over other beddings.

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