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Environmental Benefits

Post-use: Chemical-free, fully compostable

Unlike products like plasterboard, which is often used for cattle, Freshbale is fully natural, mulch-able and, along with muck, can be recycled into fertiliser. This once again means that Freshbale reduces landfill but it also ensures that the muck can also be reused for fertiliser rather than being sent to landfill sites.


When going to compost, different products react differently when breaking down. Typically Freshbale shredded cardboard will be fully broken down within six months and, as Freshbale is chemical free, with no negative affect to the soil. Freshbale cardboard has a high carbon content meaning when its combined with a rich nitrogen source such as your horse’s manure a second to none fertiliser is created.

Pre-processing: Re-use rather than landfill

Freshbale is made from 100% recycled cardboard. Without this recycling of cardboard much of it may find its way to landfill. Although cardboard is mulch-able it takes time to break down large amounts and when it does it releases methane gas. Methane is a hazardous greenhouse gas but is also dangerously flammable and potentially explosive. Freshbale actively cuts down on the amount of cardboard being sent to landfill and in so doing helps protect the environment.


Other products, such as wood pellets, can require the cutting down of trees for use in their product. The cardboard that makes Freshbale has already been used for its original purpose. At Freshbale we are extending the life of the original product and in so doing helping the environment.

Processing: Low Carbon Footprint

Freshbale’s use of a comprehensive dust extraction system not only ensures the finished product is virtually dust free but also stops dust from escaping into the environment allowing instead for it to be captured and recycled. This demonstrates again why cardboard bedding is not only a good choice but also an environmentally sound one.


Freshbale is made using the by-product of other recycled products such as boxes which are produced on the same premises as Freshbale. This means we cut our carbon footprint as we do not need to ship materials any further. Other suppliers of cardboard bedding need to buy in their cardboard from other suppliers which inevitably involve transportation to their factory and the burning of fossil fuels. Freshbale also saves on fuel thanks to our unique position, a saving we pass on to the customer!

Use: Less waste

Thanks to the use of an excellent insulator like corrugated cardboard Freshbale stores pockets of heat keeping your animal warm. This ensures that there is less need for space heaters which increase your carbon footprint.


Due to the excellent absorbent qualities Freshbale has, customers find they need to dispose of less when cleaning out a stable. Other products such as sawdust and shavings do not absorb as much water meaning a lot more bedding needs to be thrown away every time the stable is cleaned. Freshbale not only saves the environment but also saves you money!


Unlike products like wood pellets Freshbale does not require the use of water to fluff the bed up as Freshbale arrives ready to use. All you need to do is open the bag and tip it out!

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