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How to Use

When initially making the bed use a comparable amount to wood shavings ensuring you build up a nice thick, springy floor for your horse to sleep on. As ever, it pays to ensure you use a sufficient amount to prevent less topping up later on. Having said this you are the person who best knows your stable and how your horse likes it so do as you would do normally! 

To ensure your horse’s bed remains nice and springy just turn it over with a fork.

From time to time you may also wish to clear out any dust that has blown in or food that has collected by sweeping the bedding to one side and thoroughly brushing the floor of your stable.

Freshbale allows water to flow freely through to the floor thus allowing for a dry comfortable top layer.  When mucking out simply scrape away this top layer to reveal the wet bedding below and remove.​

This allows for minimal wastage and a quick and easy distinction between the bedding that needs removed and that which does not.  Then you need only top up as required.​

To separate the muck from the dry bedding you need only throw it against the wall of the stable and the bedding will easily fall away.

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