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  • How do I order Freshbale?
    Just contact us on or on 0141 881 6622. We will be happy to answer any questions and quote you a price for bedding and delivery.
  • How much Freshbale do I get in a bag/on a pallet?
    Freshbale bags contain 20kg of product. A pallet of Freshbale equates to 24 bags of Freshbale or 480kg of Freshbale.
  • Where does the cardboard that makes Freshbale come from?
    Freshbale uses only virgin, high quality, food grade cardboard from the packaging industry to make our product. The cardboard we use is 100% clean; soiled materials of any kind will never be used to make Freshbale animal bedding.
  • Do I use Freshbale the same way as other beddings?
    Freshbale is a lot easier to use than other beddings. After initially setting up the bed you need only scrape away the top surface to locate wet patches for mucking out. When skipping out simply throw the muck against the wall of your stable to separate the bedding and remove.
  • Will Freshbale be comfortable for my horse?
    Yes! Freshbale uses corrugated cardboard to make our bedding meaning that warm air is trapped in the bedding ensuring the bed stays nice and cosy; even during the winter months. Our bedding is also springier than other kinds of bedding making for extra comfort for your horse!
  • Can Freshbale be used for other animals besides horses?
    Yes, dogs, birds, small animals like rats and many more besides will all benefit from and enjoy Freshbale.
  • Is Freshbale good for my horse?
    Yes, thanks to our dust extraction system, Freshbale is virtually dust free. Freshbale is vital for horses suffering with C. O. P. D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or other respiratory diseases in alleviating their condition and excellent to prevent these illnesses in healthy horses. Freshbale is also free from the spores, seeds and mites that are often common in other beddings and can be detrimental to your horse’s health. Freshbale also has significantly less bacteria than other types of bedding; in the case of some forms of bacteria a recent test revealed a presence of zero in cardboard bedding.
  • How does Freshbale perform when used?
    Freshbale allows any water to flow freely to the bottom of the bed ensuring the top layer remains dry and comfortable for your horse. It is tough, hardwearing, and heavy enough to not be blown about a yard like paper bedding. It is unpalatable to horses, chemical and ink free ensuring no negative effects can occur from eating or having Freshbale in contact with wounds.
  • How absorbent is Freshbale?
    Freshbale is highly absorbent meaning that you lose a lot less when mucking out.
  • How do I dispose of Freshbale after my horse has used it?
    Freshbale and horse manure make excellent fertiliser. The cardboard having a high enough carbon content to balance the high nitrogen levels in manure.
  • How environmentally friendly is Freshbale?
    Freshbale is 100% recycled and due to our unique set-up need not be transported as far as other products ensuring a low carbon footprint.
  • Why should I change from the bedding I am on now to Freshbale?
    Freshbale is the best and most value for money bedding money can buy. If you have any doubts please contact us on 0141 881 6622 and we will be happy to talk over the many benefits of Freshbale shredded cardboard bedding with you!
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